Goverment and Military Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing has special arrangements for accommodating high ranked government and military officials at its Corporate Apartments ensuring higher security measures and safety procedures preceding the stylishly decorated and ornamented Furnished Apartments. Our apartments feature chic and modern style living with corporate settings to allow our visitors to conduct official commitments from our web technology-integrated and high-connectivity conferencing directly available from our Corporate Housing. Blending luxury with corporate presence, our high-speed global connectivity, gives our visitors the ease of accessing global corporate requirements – our personalized housing solutions are highly modern with state of the art technologies working on modern synchronization. Stafford Housing also supports Corporate Arrangements helping guests to stay connected with business round the clock. Upon that, our service quality also adds dynamics to help our guests to receive business updates in offline modes too. Stafford Housing – your second home and your foremost corporate signature.

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