Consulting Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Houston is a city to oil industry and IT economy fueling rapid growth globally. That sees a growing influx of skilled consultants passing through using Houston as a gateway. Houston had 573,028 delegates attending conventions and business confines in 2012 which includes consultants and advisers travelling to Houston. 9.2 million visitors are Houston’s guests every year. Stafford Housing is Corporate Housing leader in Houston, catering / offering premium hospitality with high quality service and Luxury Living with style. The unique feature with Stafford Housing properties is the locations carefully picked, giving cosmopolitan touch to every lifestyle living. Right from internet connectivity to the soft confines in the personalized bedroom, everything is set with best moods to touch base at convenience. So if you’re coming out of busy meetings, hectic programming codes, mind-crunching deadlines and a frazzled client – Stafford Housing offers the extraordinary comfort with the perfected luxury. Facilities that surpass all the crammed up stresses to totally unwind amidst the perfect harmony, not found elsewhere in Houston. Submerse, absorb the royal feeling while you read away the ramblings in today’s weekly and put up your feet and hang your boots. Once you’re in, there’s no looking back and luxury doesn’t deserve any exit strategy.

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