Furnished Apartments in Houston

Furnished Apartments Houston

There are many reasons to consider taking advantage of Stafford Housing’s furnished apartments Houston options. Whether you’re traveling on business and need corporate housing in Houston or any of Texas’ other major cities, Stafford Housing has you covered!

You’re Traveling for Business

Many people come to Houston specifically for work. And, as you can imagine, those people need a place to stay while they’re there! If you’re one of them, then consider Stafford Housing’s corporate housing options. The company offers a wide range of living spaces which are fully customizable to meet your needs.

These spaces are designed for the business-minded and are typically quiet and upscale with ample room (and peace!) for you to work. Plus, they can come as furnished as you desire. In fact Stafford’s furnished apartments in Houston can be rented fully furnished or partially furnished, or you can even request specific pieces of furniture that you need. Stafford Housing will always do its best to meet your needs.

You’ll find that taking advantage of Stafford’s corporate housing comes with a lot of benefits. For one, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to find a hotel or a traditional apartment community that will work for your situation. You also won’t have to pay the high costs of hotel living.  Plus, you’ll have all the comforts of home- including a full kitchen, comfy places to sit, and more- without the hassle of having to buy and sell back furniture and without wasting your money on furniture you don’t need.

Stafford Housing also offers furnished corporate apartments in Dallas, as well as corporate housing in Dallas, corporate housing in Austin, and corporate living options in other major parts of Texas, so no matter where you go, you can find a landing pad.

You’re Relocating

Relocating to one of the “big cities” of Texas can be a major life change. Not only do you have to get used to the fast pace and the hustle and bustle of city life, but you also, of course, have to find a place to live! While you’re house-shopping, where do you plan to stay?

If you don’t have friends or family members in the area and you don’t want to drop a lot of money on a hotel, then take advantage of the short term housing in Austin, Dallas, and Houston offered by Stafford Housing. You can enjoy all the comforts of home while you search for home!

If finding your dream home takes a little longer than planned, don’t worry. Stafford’s housing options are designed to be flexible and customizable so you can stay for as long or as short of a time as you like. And, if you happen to fall in love with your temporary home and want to make it not so temporary, Stafford may just be able to help you out in that situation too.

Many of its properties can be purchased, or you can be matched with a very similar property. Whatever you need to make life easier during your time of transition, Stafford will offer it to you!

You’re Vacationing

The whole point of taking a vacation is to get away from “real life” and to spend a little time indulging yourself. Of course, that’s kind of hard to do if you’re stuck in a dingy hotel room without basic necessities like a working oven, a refrigerator, and a few, quiet places to just go and relax. Don’t spend your next vacation “making do” in some hotel. Instead, let Stafford Homes show you what it truly means to vacation in style.

That’s right; in addition to offering temporary corporate housing, Stafford Housing also offers vacation rentals. You can choose from properties located in happening, downtown areas, as well as properties in quiet, secluded spaces. It’s all about what you want and need to make your vacation the best one yet. All of Stafford’s vacation homes and apartments are fully stocked with all of the comforts of home and can be customized to meet your needs and requests. You can book a vacation home for any amount of time too, so start planning that dream getaway now! Stafford Homes will make it an experience you won’t forget.

You Just Hate Buying Furniture

While all of the above reasons are good, valid ones for moving into one of Stafford’s furnished spaces, there’s another one that’s just as valid: you just plain hate buying furniture! If the thought of browsing through a furniture store makes you miserable or if you don’t feel adept at picking pieces that go together, let someone else do all of that hard work for you. 

Not only do you not have to shop for furniture, but you also don’t have to move heavy furniture or store it or sell it when you’re ready to move on to the next phase of your life. You can just leave it behind when you’re ready; what could be easier than that?

Your Old Furniture Isn’t Cutting It

If you already have furniture, but you find that it doesn’t fit well into your new living space, don’t panic. You can ditch what you don’t like and keep what you do. Keep in mind, as well, that you can always talk to a Stafford representative about furniture color and style options before you move in. Doing so is an easy way to make sure that the furniture in your new place will work well with any furniture items you want to keep.

It’s Your Call!

As you can see, there are many reasons why people choose to move into furnished Stafford homes. The only reason that really matters, though…is yours. Talk with a Stafford Housing representative today about your unique needs and preferences in a living space. Whether you want an apartment with fancy furniture, a home with comfortable touches, or anything in between, Stafford Housing will probably be able to find it for you. So, don’t hesitate! Living in luxury could be just a phone call away.

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