Corporate Apartments in Dallas

Corporate Apartment in Dallas

Are you looking for corporate apartments Dallas? If so, look no further than Stafford Housing. Stafford Housing not only offers corporate apartments in Dallas and general corporate housing in Dallas, but it also serves Houston, Austin, and other parts of Texas as well. So, just about anywhere you go, you can find a comfortable place to call home.

Flexible Arrangements

When you’re looking for corporate housing in Houston, Austin, or Dallas, the last thing you want is to get roped into some restrictive lease. Because Stafford Housing understands how you feel, it makes its rental agreements very flexible. In most cases, if you need to extend or shorten your lease, you can do so without penalty. Often times, you’ll be able to keep the very same living space, or you can upgrade to a nicer one. Business-related needs change; that’s to be expected, and fortunately, Stafford Housing is more than willing to accommodate you.

Lots of Locales

Most people have specific preferences about where they live. If you do, don’t worry! Just let Stafford Housing know about your preferences and it will try its best to get them met. Many people who seek short term housing in Austin, for example, request to be close to the city’s bustling downtown area. 

You might also have preferences based on local schools (for longer stays), proximity to work, area demographics, and more. As long as you communicate those preferences to a Stafford employee, you’ll likely end up with everything you want all in one location. 

Full Functionality

There are other companies, outside of Stafford Housing, that offer corporate housing in Austin and other parts of Texas. Beware, though, what a lot of these companies are really offering you is some dingy room that’s a step up from a motel room. When you’re planning a long-term stay, you don’t want to be stuck without the basic necessities. In fact, you probably want more than just the basics; you want to live in comfort and style, and those things are exactly what Stafford Housing will offer you. 

You can choose fully furnished or partially furnished apartments in Houston and beyond. In fact, you can even request specific pieces of furniture or other items that you may need.  Even if you don’t go for a furnished apartment, you’re guaranteed to have a fully-functional kitchen, a full bathroom, and all the other things you’ll need to make your life easier.


Stafford Housing’s homes are often described as “luxury” or “upscale” by past residents. Unfortunately, those words can sometimes scare people away, making them think that there is no way they could ever afford to live in a Stafford home. In truth, though, Stafford’s properties are actually very affordable, especially considering everything that you get when you choose to live in one.

If you do have budgetary concerns (and who doesn’t in this day and age?), don’t hesitate to talk with a Stafford representative about your needs. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find something that’s well within your personal or company budget.

Also keep in mind that advertised prices are often quite flexible. Stafford representatives can offer you special deals on certain lodgings. Furthermore, price can vary significantly depending upon how long you’ll be staying, what services you’ll require, and whether or not you’re opting for any “extras.”  There are ways to save on Stafford’s homes and apartments, and a Stafford employee would be more than happy to help you find them.

Those Little Extras

Think about all of the items and objects you use on a daily basis. You’ll probably be amazed at the number of items you list. Now, imagine having to pack every single one of those items and then lugging them to your short-term destination. That doesn’t sound so great, does it?

Well, the good news is that, when you choose to live in style with Stafford Homes, most of those “everyday” items will be provided for you. All of those “little extras” that you truly need can be stocked (and re-stocked) in your room as needed. Items like pots, pans, dishes, linens, towels, wash rags, and more can all be made available for you.

Size Matters

A lot of the corporate housing offered by other companies is very small in size. In fact, most spaces designed for corporate living are made just to suit one person. With Stafford Housing, though, you can find dwelling spaces in all sizes. 

If you want to bring your family along with you or even a beloved pet, Stafford has options that will work for you. There are even units that feature an actual yard, as well as community amenities, such as pools, workout rooms, and more. Never be limited by your living space again. Stafford Housing will make sure you have a home or apartment that’s large and roomy enough to suit your purposes.

Additional Services

Perhaps one of the best things about Stafford Housing is that it offers a lot of services outside of just housing and housing-related needs. Whether you need directions to a specific place, info on the best restaurants in the city, information on local schools, or anything in between, Stafford will assist you.
Other services and types of assistance provided by Stafford Housing include:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Help locating rental cars
  • Child care options
  • Driving lessons and other driving services
  • Grocery shopping
  • Insurance
  • Learning the local language/a second language
  • Finding appropriate medical facilities
  • On-call help and assistance
  • Visa/immigration assistance

As you can see, there are a wide variety of ways in which Stafford Housing can assist you. As such, don’t just think of Stafford as the “place that’s providing your housing.” Think of it as your lifeline. It’s hard to be somewhere new, especially if you don’t have any clue how to get around and if you don’t know any or a lot of other people in the area. When you live in a Stafford property, however, you do know someone. Renting with Stafford is like having a best friend who knows anything and everything about the city you’re in, and that’s a pretty great thing to have.

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